Gayla Harrington

Gayla Harrington - Admin

Gayla started with the Fury back in 2002 as a player. After playing one season and the potential for the team to fold she decided to become an owner. She took over ownership in 2004. She continued to play for 5 years and finally retired. She continues to push for support in women’s football.

Michael Holliday - Community Outreach

Michael Holliday has joined the team to assist with sponsorship/partnerships and increase our visibility in the community. Michael is currently the President of JCI North Miami. Michael has a long history of working with the community and creating lasting relationships.

Shirley Moise - Team Doctor

Shirley has joined the team for the 2022 season as the team doctor. She has an extensive background in the medical field. She played for the team for many years and now has come back to give back and service the team.

Julie Edwards - Head Athletic Trainer

Julie joined the team in 2005 as a new trainer. She has brought her expertise and compassionate training to the team over the years.

John Connacher - Head Official

John brings knowledge as a head official with a background on every level of football. His organization Connacher Sports has been our go to for numerous seasons in hiring professional officials.

Jack Kurtz - Stats

Jack has been with the team for over 10 years as our Statistician. He comes with an background in officiating on the college, high school and optimist level. He provides his knowledge on rules on the field along with stats for game day.